About the Artist

Chelain Stocker, Artist

Chelain creates acrylic pieces through the process of pouring and shaping paint.  She utilizes core colors in each work to assemble an organic and abstract image, making in-the-moment decisions to direct the flow of the material.  The addition of different chemical compounds further modifies the piece after the initial pour, adding interest and highlighting the ultimate lack of total control.

Trained as a classical musician, Chelain performed as a violinist with the Phoenix Symphony for 18 years and previously with the Tucson Symphony for 4 years.  She instructed violin and piano privately for close to 50 years. 

Chelain now lives in Gig Harbor, WA, where she spends her days painting, walking with husband, Marc, and dog, Suki, and playing with kittens, Joey and Zeke.  Daughter, Alaina, also an artist, lives and works nearby in Seattle.